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Creating an Online Social Security Account:

We recommend that each person create an online Social Security account in order to sign up for Medicare A&B, check their earnings history and more. If you are having trouble with this process, please contact your local Social Security department for assistance.

Create an online Social Security Account. This is useful for signing up for Medicare, checking earning history and more. We recommend that each person create an account. If you are having trouble with this process, please contact your local Social Security department for assistance.

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You can sign up for Medicare Part A & Part B up to three months ahead of turning 65. Some people delay full or partial Medicare enrollment if they or a spouse are still actively working with credible health insurance. There are many considerations to this delayed enrollment. It’s important to not have gaps in your coverage after turning 65.

Low to No Cost Diabetes Supplies:

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Advanced Diabetes Supply specializes in working with your insurance plan and several companies to get your diabetic testing supplies delivered to your door automatically. Assistance programs may be available.


Call Ray Olson at 856-684-0024 or click the button to request information. 


A return phone call may come from caller ID 760-827-6243. This is their outbound number and is safe to answer. 


PACE and PACENET are programs through the state of PA to assist seniors with the cost of prescriptions. This program is income based but does not look at resources. You must be at least 65 years old to apply and a resident of PA. 


Click here for details


Enroll with PACE online or call 800-225-7223

The Clearinghouse:

The Clearinghouse, a program sponsored by PACE, assists PA residents over the age of 18 with social and life services. Local, state and national resources are suggested based on an individuals needs. 


Call 1-800-955-0989 for more information.

GlicRx Prescription Discount Card:

We have partnered with GlicRx for discounts on certain prescription medicines. GlicRx is not insurance and instead acts as a discount program and would be an alternative to running your script through insurance. You do still need to have a credible Part D plan in place if you are Medicare eligible. 


Click here to create an account and start saving:

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