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About Next Steps Insurance

At Next Steps Insurance, you are more than just a name or a policy in a file. We will take some time to get to know you, hear your concerns, and learn about the details we need to consider when making recommendations. Most people don’t want to be insurance experts, but the decisions you make regarding health insurance, in particular, can have significant consequences. We want to make sure you do it correctly. 

For those new to Medicare, it’s an OVERWHELMING process where you are being bombarded with information from all sides often for a year ahead! Whether face to face, over Zoom, or by telephone - we will educate and bring clarity to the confusion.

As an Independent Broker, we are licensed with over 40 companies but have no obligation to any of them. The position of being independent truly allows us to look out for your best interests and have the freedom to match you with WHATEVER PLANS WORK BEST FOR YOU. 

We are compensated by the insurance companies, and you will never pay us a dime for our services or pay more for your insurance because we are helping you. Your premium costs will be exactly the same whether you try to navigate and learn everything on your own or use the help of a licensed and experienced professional.

We also don’t disappear after the policy is written - we are here for questions, assistance and if you need to change something in the future. It really is a win-win situation!

Meet Stephanie 

Owner and founder, Stephanie Yarberough, has been in the health insurance space for over 7 years and enjoys the relationship aspect of the business and value she brings to her clients with her expertise and knowledge. Because she is not driven by numbers or quotas from a corporate office, her approach is relaxed and non-pressuring.

Stephanie lives in Lititz, PA with her husband and three sons, who are quickly growing into young men. Three cats and an Australian Labradoodle keep the house interesting as well! When not helping people with their insurance - she enjoys watching her kid's sports, visiting with friends, gardening, and traveling when time and budget allow. Her faith is very important to her as well. 


Proud Partners

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