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Pennsylvania Medicare Insurance Agency

Next Steps Insurance, a Pennsylvania Medicare Insurance Agency and Health Insurance Agency, based out of Manheim, PA in Lancaster County, offers comprehensive information on Pennsylvania Medicare supplement plans, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Health Insurance Plans for every county and city in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Medicare Insurance Agency Near Me

Health Insurance for people under 65 and Medicare supplements are available throughout all cities in Pennsylvania, and enrolling in a supplement allows you to have health insurance coverage anywhere in the country where Medicare is accepted.

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Under 65 Health Insurance Plans (ACA Plans) and Medicare Advantage plans, on the other hand, differ based on the county. Urban areas typically provide multiple Medicare Advantage Plan options, including HMO or PPO plans. Rural areas usually have fewer plan choices due to the challenges insurance companies face in establishing networks in sparsely populated regions.

Locations We Serve

While our independent insurance agents serve ALL of Pennsylvania, here is a list of just a few cities we serve:

Rates for health insurance plans, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Medigap Plans can actually differ quite a bit between different cities. That's why your agent will ask you a few questions about you, such as your zip code, tobacco usage, and gender. They want to make sure they can give you accurate quotes for the right health insurance coverage. It's all about getting you the best deal that suits your needs!


We will research your options 100% free and educate you so that you can make an easy and informed decision. In seconds we can provide you rates from many highly rated companies. More importantly, we will assist you in learning about the different types of coverage so that you can select an insurance plan that will fit your personal needs.


Next Steps Insurance is dedicated to being your Trusted Health Insurance Resource year after year. Once you become a Next Steps Insurance customer you can count on yearly plan reviews to ensure you always have a plan suited to you. As a local health insurance agency in Pennsylvania, our licensed insurance agents are well trained in the specific plans in your area.


Call Next Steps Insurance today at (717) 271-2326.

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